What do we do?

Specialists in all aspects of residential and commercial mechanical systems, Plumbing, Heating, Hydronics, Boilers, Pumps, Gas Fitting, District Energy Systems, Medical Gas.

Who are we?

The team at Allan Energy Mechanical consists of qualified, red seal technicians, with Journeyman Plumbers, Gas Fitters, experienced in construction projects.

How we do it?

We will be a key part of the on site design consulting process and can help make recommendations for the mechanical layout and execution of your project. Providing cost and value analysis we can save you time and money.



What have we done?

Strip Malls, Muti-Story Offices, Residential buildings, LEED projects, Tilt up Warehouse, Single family and custom homes.

Who we work for?

We work for you, To ensure the needs of our customers are met, we employ a comprehensive approach, combining a knowledgeable team with professional installers, to help you decide on a system, stay on budget and make sure you understand how your system works.


Where are we located?

The Lower Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver.



What we can do for you.

Services that hit the mark every time.

Value Analysis

We always focus our attention on the systematic and critical assessment of the mechanical design to ensure that its cost is no greater than is necessary to carry out its functions. We look for cost reduction methods by relating the cost of components to their function contributions while keeping the basic functions in place. An example may be : An engineered plumbing design may show a plumbing vent on the North side of the building that runs along the ceiling to the south end to tie-in to another vent and then runs through the roof at a larger size to save roof penetrations. We may suggest laying out a hole through the roof and provide the flashing to the roofing contractor at no cost to him. This in turn may save me and the client hundreds of dollars in unnecessary material and labour. Another example may be to suggest equivalent alternates on equipment and materials for approval that may provide a credit to the client.


Flexible Work Arrangements

The successful implementation of flexible work arrangements contributes to a conducive and supportive work environment. This enable us to attract, motivate and retain valued employees who are dedicated and committed to playing an important role in helping us achieve success. This also applies to our clients as we can offer a different approach to your project execution. Allan Energy Mechanical Ltd will take on complete mechanical scopes of work as well as provide a labour only model to other mechanical companies who may need a helping hand from time to time. We are happy to partner with anyone who takes pride in bringing quality to the forefront and delivering a fantastic product on time.


A bright idea for a greener future

Here at Allan Energy Mechanical Ltd, we are continually training and certifying in energy systems and design. It is our goal to be your preferred contractor on any of your energy system requirements. We are heating specialists with professional experience in heat recovery systems and energy saving projects. From community centre pool heat recovery systems, to boiler room retrofits and smart energy valve retrofits on large scale heating and cooling plants. Here is a fun question; is our logo a flame, a water drop or a leaf? The answer is all three. Energy is in the name!





Contact us for a consultation. We have an instagram account that posts installation pictures of our projects. #askallanenergy a question you may have regarding your mechanical project. if you are chosen, a blog post may answer your lucky question. Stay tuned and FOLLOW our pages!


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Need help?

Don't hesitate to ask us something.

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Allan Energy Mechanical Ltd
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Allan Energy Mechanical Ltd
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